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Title My first time
Author Baza
Viewed 10606
Date of publishing 2011-07-01 08:17:11
Rating 2.78
Hi this my first time
Not a long story

"I cant do that" i said to her in my 12th text of the hour. "but why, my house is empty and im all alone ;)" was laurens reply... "ok but, why dont you come here ;) my house is empty all day tomorrow??" i text back already hard from the talk. " ok babe, as long as you have the stuff ;)". The next morning came and my family had left by 8 a.m, about an hour later she knocked on the door, i ushered her in closed it behind her. I turned around to see that the coat she was wearing, was all she was wearing bar a tiny thong and a lacey see through bra... I walked forward and stared in ore as she slowly slipped the coat from her shoulders. She caught me watching, she came up to me and slapped my semi-erect cock. So i undid hee bra then lay my hands on her breasts and slowly squeezed them making her in-turn massage my cock. 
I then slipped my hands around on to her uncovered ass and groped it, now and again slipping a finger inbetween her cheeks which each time made her flinch. Our lips then met in passionate kiss, i pushed to the sofa and got stripped down to my boxer shorts in the meantime she sat there touching herself. I slowly kissed my way from her mouth all the way down her neck to her pert firm teenage breasts, down her flat stomach to the top of her thong, to the top of her legs and down the inside of her legs which made her moan. I gently pulled down her thong, slipping it off her toned legs."i've never been fingered before, take it easy on me". I smiled and slowly inserted my middle finger, "oooh ahhh ffff" i kissed her to stop the moaning. I slowly pulled in and out untill a rythm began, by this time she was screaming..."oohhhh yeah, mmmm ahhhhh aaaaa". I took my other hand and stated rubbing her clit, making her scream in pleasure. She collapsed and I stopped and she got up, "babe bend over, put your head on the sofa and reach back with your hands and spread your cheeks" she slowly bent dowm revealing a firm teenage ass and tight hole.
I slipped my boxers off and whispered into her ear "im gonna go into your pussy from behind" instead i lubed my cock up and grabbed her arse. I slowly teased her pussy lips with my cock making her giggle then i drew back and slammed it straight into her arse!! "ahhhhhhh!!! Fuck" she winced in pain as i penetrated her virgin arse-hole.
I started pumping in and out which made her scream in a mixture of pain and ecstacy. I gave one pump a massice push and her arse hole clenched making me shoot my load straight into her arse.

To be continued
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Www 2013-09-20 Sara
Its sooooooooooooo nice and made my d*** a rigid bar,,tnx for sharing such a great story 2013-08-28 Ayun
Good 2013-03-02 Zz
good 2013-01-17 kuan port
gd 2012-04-08 a
good 2012-03-01 szcloud111
gud 2011-09-05 b
real exciting!! 2011-07-14 susan
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